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I am very romantic, purposeful and sensitive. I like socializing with interesting people and I am fond of arts. I have huge plans for future, I want to find serious relationships. Opinion of people around me is very important for me. I also want to tell that I really like my future profession, in my home I like cleanness and comfort and make all efforts for that. I can not stand betrayals and treasons. I am looking for a decisive, kind, loving and caring man who would treat me with understanding and would become a support for me. The man who will be ready to make for me everything possible and impossible.

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I think that I am a strong person. Everything that’s achieved in my life is the result of my tenacious efforts. But at the same time I am an attractive young lady who is able to love passionately and reply with mutuality to the deep feeling of the other person. I have the following hobbies: shaping and walks in the open air. I also have a dream and it is to learn how to ride a horse. I am an optimist by my nature. My soul is open for the whole world. It is interesting for me to find out about everything new because the world of people and nature is so great and it is impossible to realize it in the full but one should have goal for it. But sometimes in my life it will happen when the whole world, the whole meaning of my life will be focused on one person… It is fire in the fireplace, the woods are making quiet noise and it is silence. We are sitting close to each other holding each other’s hands and there is no necessity for any words. It is understandable that these people love each other. The whole world is frozen and there are only two people on the whole planet…you and me. Love is the most important sense of my life. And it may be far. I should only call for it and it will hear me and we’ll meet soon (and let the whole world wait). You are a real man and it is necessary for you to go in for sports (even if it is pacing on one and the same place). You are able to capture a woman and make her to follow you into the bright world of love. My ideal of a man is strong, generous and with rich inner world. If you interested in the culture of Russia and read the works of the Russian classical writers Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky we’ll have a lot to talk about and not only about it.

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I think that my most attractive qualities are the interest to the very process of life and openness to communication. I love simplicity and clearness in everything. I am a very sincere and a bit sentimental person. I set myself definite aims and their achievement brings me much pleasure. I am bright, active. I can kindle people with my unpredictability and originality, I am optimist by nature, but at the same time I need sensuality, flexibility and tenderness. I dream to travel over the world in search of something new, and to meet interesting people. As any normal girl or woman I dream to have a large and friendly family. I like active and extreme kinds of sports, I dream to visit Switzerland and learn mountain skiing, especially I adore everything that is connected with water and also I want to try water skies and surfing. Nature and horses give me much joy, and perhaps I even find something in common in these strong graceful animals and me. In my next life I would like to be a wild horse. I will necessarily pay attention to an affectionate, tender, self-confident, perspective, purposeful, strong by mind and body man, who is capable of love and who wants to be loved, for whom family and mutual understanding in relations are of no small importance, or may be they are very important to him. Also a man of my dream should have a sense of humor, should be caring and attentive, so that a girl like me could feel herself like behind the stone wall.

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