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Find Beautiful Russian Wife

Foreigners are attracted like by a magnet to the mystery of the soul of Russian women. These ladies are really charming and have something special deep inside, and they are ready to reveal all the secrets and open their soul only to real romantics. There are no exact instructions for the conquest of these girls, but we would like to present dome tips that will help you get acquainted and understand Russian women.

  1. Threat the girl with a chocolate. Chocolate, ice cream, coffee – especially coffee! 8 am – an occasion to get acquainted with the girl by means of an invigorating drink and immediately agree to spend the evening together. It is better to choose a neutral latte-type coffee.
  2. Ask for the help. You can always ask the girl where is the nearest library, where you can buy bread, the nearest metro station (even if it is not in the city), etc. The trick can be to find out girl’s telephone number, if you ask her to call you, because you can not find your phone. Pay attention to the girls walking slowly – they usually do not rush and will gladly help you – they will explain you everything, and will tell about themselves also.
  3. “Movie” acquaintance. Do you remember romantic films, which are united by one story – a guy, occasionally push the girl and after help her pick-up scattered papers, apologizes, casually touching a gentle hand and then they go together? You need to do the same. Just do not push with all the strength, otherwise instead of a joint walk you will have a joint trip to the nearest hospital department.
  4. Acquaintance in the shop. “Can you tell me if this shirt suits me?” Or “Do you know if this cheese is delicious?” And bread?”,” Don’t you remind me the recipe for pancakes? “And so on. Any questions, perhaps even absurd, the main thing is to draw her attention and draw it to yourself. And then you should behave according to the situation.
  5. Buy 5 balloons and a marker. When you see a girl you like, blow the balloon without leaving her area of ​​sight, write compliments and your number on them with a marker. Of course, the easiest way to get acquainted in the park is to sit opposite the girl and do everything without a hurry. This way of dating will not leave her indifferent. Try to get acquainted with a girl in unusual way, and the reaction of the prospective partner will be positive.

mysterious Russian soul

But if you want to realize the mysterious Russian soul, you should observe the girl’s behavior, particularly the following features:

  • She always asks who has called you and runs to the phone almost faster than you? Do not think it’s sweet, because later she will ask for passwords from all your social networks and will seek out a “secret meaning” in a message sent two years ago to a friend. In this situation, you have two options – either to initially set clear boundaries of control, or to accept and simply not discuss anything important in virtual reality.
  • She is nice to you, but rude to saleswoman from the bread department…She does not help parents, or do not communicate with them at all… Can yell at the conductor in the bus or the girl at the wheel… Then you should pay close attention to her behavior – often such aggressive splashes go into relationships, and, perhaps, after another quarrel you will have a couple of bruises.
  • Her friends. To understand how loyal your chosen one is, it is possible by her relations with friends. They grew up together, overcome troubles and have been friends for twenty years? You can safely say that he will try to keep you (of course, if you meet her expectations). By the way, if your woman has many friends from work or she is well acquainted with neighbors, then she can find a common language even with a hungry bear.